Branding in Markets

Your Brand Story

We always intend to get more serious about our brands but other things come up and good branding falls by the wayside. It’s past the time to make this a priority. We need to identify our brands, understand why they’re different and why they resonate with our markets and then, live them every day!

It’s important also to consider that there are tangible and intangible aspects to our brands. Your building, your stationery, your logo, your products are many of the tangible items. The intangibles are your values, where you spend your resources, what quality of paper your logo is printed on, the colors of your logo, your leadership style and how you inspire people, etc.

Customers notice everything and they notice if 1) we even have a distinctive brand, and 2) whether we’re living it tangibly and intangibly in the way we conduct our business.

To get started identifying your brand, consider the “story” of your firm. Stories are very important. Daniel Pink explains in his book “A Whole New Mind” that they are “context, enriched with emotion.” I like to think of context as our tangible offerings and emotion as our intangible characterisitics. Our intangibles and tangibles can be good or bad and they can meld or conflict with eachother. To reach our customer distinctively and own our markets, we need both the tangibles and intangibles to gel meaningfully together!

Some of the questions you may ask yourself to start understaning your firm’s “story” are the following:
- Why are you in business?
- Whom do you serve?
- Who are some of your founders?
- How have you overcome adversity?
- What are your values as an organization?
- How do you deliver on your values?

Once you give some deep thought to these and other questions, you’ll be well on your way to articulating your unique and personal story.

For an intersting article that also covers this topic, please visit the following link. I found the embedded link at the bottom of the 2nd paragraph, called “Engaging Stories” worth reading and I think you will too!—-the-case-for-outsourcing-content/

 Week:  Step 1:
Project Launch
 Step 2:
Discovery & Trial
  Step 3:
Brand Breakthrough & Consensus
 Step 4:
The Brand Story
 Step 5:
Integration & Promotion
 Step 6:
Living the Brand
  Step 7:
Metrics Modification




Selection of stakeholders


Prelim check of USPTO site


Surveys input & analyzed; report delivered


Identify scope of tangible brand offering


Collateral materials to be updated are prioritized


Brand physically integrated into materials


Report on Metrics Plan




Project Overview/Goals


Add’l. brand names suggested to firm


Best names prioritized; Consensus


Identify scope of intangible brand offering


Agents trained in brand promotion
(language provided)


Development of brand maintenance program


Set maintenance expectations




Completion of Cultural Worksheet


Local Opportunities
Reviewed (ROB or LAMP report)


of final brand names to internal/external stakeholders


90-Day Brand Plan developed


Media List delivered/ Press Release distributed


Metrics devised


Test brand awareness of & promotion by internal/external stakeholders




Internal survey conducted



Top Tier Client Brand Surveys


Proper filing/registrations take place


Press Release developed


Client letters mailed


Brand is demonstrated tangibly & intangibly





Consensus on Firm’s Defining Principles



C of I Brand surveys conducted


Logos concepts proposed


Client Letter developed


Final logo delivered


Recruiting value proposition inforce